AI for teams

botconnect empowers your teams with AI to solve critical business challenges

Natural communication

The botconnect platform enables natural interaction between teams and AI via chat and voice

Frictionless integration

botconnect integrates seamless and secure with your existing cloud applications and team communication solution

Leverage the power of AI for your team with the botconnect platform


We fix the the “Garbage in – garbage out” problem

Bad data results in unreliable outputs for users and costs an organisation 10% to 25% of its revenueseach year. $3.1 trillion are the yearly cost of poor quality data, for the US economy alone estimated by IBM. The botconnect platform eliminates bad data across all business applications continuously by combining AI and chatbot technology.

We fix the the “Garbage in – garbage out” problem

Flawed data is identified via specific designed algorithms, unsupervised and supervised machine learning.


AI assisted data clean-up and fix is performed in the business application by the responsible user supported via the botconnect chatbot.


Trustworthy data is available for all business processes. Quality of decisions making is improved. Costs and time for correcting data errors is saved.


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